Water Services.

Availability of water to consumers

Water distribution helps in making water available to consumers.Water that is distributed is Sufficient. An adequate quantity of water supply is available for personal and domestic uses, which includes drinking, personal sanitation, washing of clothes, food preparation, personal and household hygiene.

Our water is Safe -Water that, in particular, is free from harmful substances that could endanger human health, and whose colour,odour and taste are acceptable to users. Sanitation must be hygienic and not pose a threat to the environment.

Accessible water and sanitation services and facilities are within safe physical reach, in or near the house, school, work place or health facility,in a secure location and address the needs of different groups, in particular threats to the physical security of women.

Our Water and sanitation is affordable, without reducing the individuals or household's capacity to acquire other essential goods and services.

The allocation of water resources gives priority to essential personal and domestic uses. Water sources must be protected against degradation and pollution to ensure safe water for present and future generations.

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