School Campaign Program

School Campaign program is a program under pro-poor unit in Nyahururu Water & Sanitation Company. The Pro-poor unit is sees it through that residents of low income area (LIAs) have access clean water and proper sanitation services at affordable rates. The school campaign program creates awareness and enlighten the community in effort to achieve the pro-poor units objectives which are listed below.

  1. To promote hygiene in the community.
  2. To create awareness about non revenue water (NRW).
  3. To enlighten people on the importance of water preservaton.

Hygiene & Sanitation

Students washing hands as they participate in pro-poor project

The team gives out hand wash facilities to the schools and emphasis household hygiene in the community. The program enligtens the community on available low cost decentralized sanitation services available eg Exhausting.

Non-Revenue Water

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) refers to water that is produced but lost through leaks, theft (illegal connections) and meter inaccuracies before it reaches the customers.The program aims at increasing revenue by reducing non-revenue water. The program enlightens the community on why NRW reduction is a critical step towards the commercial viability of water utilities, and how it can contribute to improved service provision. Members of the community are asked to report any leakages or illegal connections the know about.

Water Preservation

Water conservation is the practice of using water efficiently to reduce unnecessary water usage. Under this objective the community is enlightened on the benefits of using water sparingly. This is particulary important to Low Income Areas also known as (LIAs) since it helps the consumers avoid unnecessary cost.

Follow Up

The program also has a follow up plan which involves students writing essays/compositions on what they are taught. The essays and compositions are read and analysed by the team after which the best is the posted to the Company's website.

Below are some of the best we have received so far

  1. John Mwangi - Water for life

Our Team

  • Jecinta Nyambura
  • Pro-poor Coordinator
  • Paul Muthami
  • NRW Charge Hand
  • Moses Mbugua
  • O&M Charge Hand
  • Alex Ngatia
  • Sewer Charge Hand