Sewerage collection

Disposal of the waste materials

It is responsible with the disposal of waste that could be occasioned from the overflow of the on-site facilities and pollution of ground water in which the area is characterized by high water tables in most places.

The sanitation services in Nyahururu town has greatly been boosted by construction of modern sanitation facilities which the company has implemented through funding from water Service Trust Fund.After collection,sewage is conveyed to sewage treatment plant.

Sewage treatment

The company is responsible for the maintenance of sewage collection which includes sewage treatment and general sanitation services within the Jurisdiction of Nyahururu Water and Sanitation Company.

The officer in charge of this section oversee new customers connections to the sewer lines, sewer unblocking services,exhausting services and extension of sewer lines which are processes among other task that relate to sanitation services.

The Nyahururu town sewage treatment work is designed to handle 2,617 cubic meters per day.

The entire system occupies 20 acres comprising of inlet works,sedimentation chambers,two partial aeration lagoons, two maturation lagoons and outlet channels.

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