We have not been left out in the fifght against COVID-19. We have taken a raft of measures.Our company jointly with Central Rift Valley Water Works Development Agency has installed 15 water tanks of 1,500 litres each in the following areas:

  • 2 tanks at Rumuruti GK Prison
  • 1 tank at Rumuruti main matatu terminus
  • 1 tank outside Nyahuwasco main office
  • 1 tank at the main gate of Nyahururu Police Station
  • 1 tank at the Main Nyahururu bus terminus
  • 2 tanks at Nyahururu main market
  • 1 tank in Oljabet shopping centre (Marmanet ward)
  • 1 tank at Muthengera shopping centre
  • 1 tank at Karuga shopping Centre (Igwamiti Ward)
  • 1 tank in Manguo (low income area within Nyahururu town)
  • 1 tank in Maina estate (low income area in Nyahururu town)
  • 1 tank at Kang’a Nderitu (a densely populated low income area in Marmanet ward)
  • 1 tank at Mairo Inya matatu terminus in Nyahururu town
Additionaly,every office has a hand washing point for our customers. Our customers are adviced that water supply will not be disrupted and that we will be on standby to repair any burst or leakage.

Ministry of Health.


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