Company Profile of NYAHUWASCO.

Nyahururu Water and Sanitation Company is a registered company under Company Act Cap 486 Laws of Kenya.It is licensed to provide water and sanitation services in Laikipia West Subcounty of Laikipia County.The company is fully owned by the County Government of Laikipia.


The company was established in 2002 as one of the newly created institutions in the reformed Water Sector under the Ministry of Water and Irrigation to provide efficient, reliable and economical water and sewerage services in Nyahururu Municipality and its environment.

It was registered in February 8, 2002 under the Company Act Cap 486 of the Laws of Kenya as an agent of Northern Water Services Board through a signed Service Provision Agreement (SPA) under the Water Act 2002.


The company major role is to efficiently and economically provide water services within its area of jurisdiction as mandated by section 53 (I) of the Water Act 2002 and the Water Services Provision Agreement entered into with the Northern Water Services Board


Nyahururu water and sanitation was incorporated in February 8, 2002 under Company Act, Cap 486 of the Laws of Kenya. Nyahururu town is served by a modern treatment works whose production capacity is 3000m3 per day. Part of the work was commissioned in 1973 and the other part became fully operational in January 1984.

The existing water intake is situated on the Narok River a few meters upstream of the famous Thompson Falls. Total water demand in the cluster is estimated at about 11 131m3 per day.

In 2005, the company took over the management, on an interim basis of water services in Marmanet water scheme previously under National Water and Pipeline Corporation, and later signed a comprehensive SPA in February 2007. Later on ,the Comapny took over the management of the defunct Rumuruti water company.


The organization formation starts with the board of directors and The management is comprised of the Managing director, Technical Services Manager, Finance $ administration Manager, the Human Resource Manager and the Scheme managers .


The company has very competent and motivated members of staff especially in execution of their duties and responsibilities.